Math Help!

Strategies for Math
(being resourceful)
Use a number line
Scarlett went straight to adding 3 or 4
(I wrote the number line so she could visualize the number sequentially)
Use a number line and your fingers
Scarlett first learned how to add with her fingers, when all numbers can fit anyways :)
Re-use seeds and K-cup pods!
We collected and dried seeds from the cherries we got at Sprouts, I don't like the idea of using uncooked food for us to put our hands all over 😖
Now we don't buy the one use K-cup pods, but they were on SALE, and I knew exactly what we were gonna use them for, MATH fun! 
This made adding 7 or 8 so easy for Scarlett! 
She is a ROCKSTAR at addition
Thank you for reading!

Yoga for Kids

Introduction to Yoga...
for Kids!!
   There are a lot of ways to ensure your little one is meeting their physical education criteria. The most important thing is to make it enjoyable and add some variety. I just finished 30 days of a crash course in Ashtanga Yoga. So I have been so excited to teach Scarlett everything I know and continue to learn together.
Here are a few poses that are great to start off with:
Childs Pose
Downward Facing Dog
Puppy Pose

Silly kitten wanted to play!
This was a very interesting workout, I got to learn how flexible Scarlett was and in some incidences not. Please be sure to assist your child and check in with them to make sure nothing is hurting. Yoga should be relaxing but challenging but never ever hurt. Remind your child that their muscles will feel stretched but never pinched. Scarlett's hamstring were pretty tight and it was hard for her to keep her elbows in instead of forcing them out. Have patience and be supportive!!

First Day of Homeschool

First Day of School
Nature Walk

Scarlett was so excited, she has been waiting for this day a very long time! She had her little brother Gabriel (left) and her younger cousin Ramon there to support her
Day 1
Our "Theme" for her first day was Nature, she was also going to be in for a surprise later on in the night!
We started our morning with setting our crystal grid up for protection since we were amongst the Sturgeon Moon and for clarity during meditation time!
We took our adventure to Swatek Park, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Its our neighborhood park filled with great wildlife.
Hunting for Mushrooms:

Mushrooms outside our apartment!

Same mushrooms later, Scarlett noticed they were much larger.

Mushrooms at the park!
Observing the Trees:
Scarlett spotted a face on this tree.

The roots of this tree stretched far!

Back to School Shopping

Back to School Shopping
Homeschool Edition!

What we bought at Target:
*The reason why we shopped at Target was because my husband works there and we get a discount* **Bonus for shopping this weekend its tax free on school supplies and clothing statewide** United States Workbook (social studies req.) $1 Reading Readiness Workbook (reading req.) $1Phonics I & II Workbook (language req.) $2Subtraction & Addition Workbook (math req.) $2Lapboard with Dry Erase Markers and Eraser $5Elmers School Glue $1  *Keep in mind this was tag price, doesn't include our discounts*
   These workbooks are a supplement to the 4 req. subjects in Scarlett's curriculum: Social Studies, Reading, Phonics, Math. For us they would be acting as "homework" aside from her daily lessons. One thing I can not stand about "school shopping" is the waste that goes along with it. Think about all the paper wasted...all the pencils that get lost, broken, unused...all the plastic wrapping to …

Why homeschooling?

Good Morning,

This post is not to convince everyone to homeschool it is merely to give insight on why we choose to homeschool. This isn't something that came to us overnight and simply just went with it. My husband and I have always felt that if one of us could stay home we would, if we were at home then we should also homeschool, taking full advantage of being involved in our childs life and education.

As toddlers our children learn everything they can possibly know about the world from us. We as parents are their outlook on the world. Throughout the rest of their lives they will look to us for comfort, advice and knowledge. As parents it is our responsibility to ensure that we can offer this to our children while also teaching them ethical and social responsibilities. We live in a modern world that requires us to stay open minded, accepting, critical, considerate, while seeking insight, wisdom, enlightenment. All while educating ourselves in language, literature, arts, history, …

Blog Launch

Gabriel, Me, Scarlett
Hello Everyone! 
Today is the day I launch a blog dedicated to my daughters homeschooled journey. This is where you can find inspiration, encouragement, give your own experiences, share resources and read all about our story. 
I look forward to sharing and Scarlett is excited to share her ideas and progress.
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